Get to know your Thyroid Expert | Dr Jeni Weis

Nine years ago, I had to take a serious look at my health for the first time. 

I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Adenocarcinoma Cervical Cancer.

I was given two options: Die or Radiation.

I didn’t like either option so I chose to find out what other options I had. 

I chose to completely change my lifestyle, eating habits, mindset — everything just to stay alive.

The first thing I had to do was discover and address the ROOT CAUSE of my symptoms, and had to admit that it was my own poor choices of what I was eating that had fed the disease I wanted to reverse.

Did it work for me? YES! 

I reversed my own cancer 100% naturally just six weeks after my diagnosis.

Then it really began to shift for me.

When I saw the results of my first pap smear, I realized that just because I had a good result, I still can’t go back to my old lifestyle. 

I had to continue in my new habits.

You see, I learned to look at my health from a cellular level. 

Instead of going from doctor to doctor to find a diagnosis, I decided to eliminate the root cause of my symptoms — which in my case, I needed to STARVE those cancer cells so that they had no room to live in my body.

At the time, I was in nursing school with a stable career path ahead of me. I dropped out right away when I saw the good things I had done to my body and began an eight year long journey to become a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath Doctor.

I just had to help people with the same amazing information that had saved my own life


Today, my practice focuses on Thyroid health. I am the Thyroid expert. 


It all begins with your DESIRE TO CHANGE.







I’ve provided some more detail regarding my college education and qualifications for your reference.


Education and Qualifications

College Education:

Doctorate in Naturopathy. Nutrition/Herbal Medicine Concentrations.

New Eden School of Natural Health (website)

Master’s Diploma in Reflexology. Pain Management Concentration.

Healthy Soles School of Reflexology 

Undergraduate Studies in Holistic Health


Continued Education Courses Completed:

Wellness Coaching Course – New Eden School

Wellness Coaching Course Institute for Wellness Education

Developing a Food Bank Nutrition Policy Nutrition Policy Institute

Functional Nutrition Courses (2)Institute for Functional Medicine

Herbal Medicine CourseChestnut School of Herbal Medicine

Pain ManagementHealthy Soles School of Reflexology



Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner – AAMA #35443904                                     

CPR/AED/First Aid renewed                                                                                                             

Reflexology Certification – HS School of Reflexology

Alzheimer’s Certification – CTCC/Peterson Park Health Care

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