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This package includes a DNA Test and a 60 Minute Consultation appointment with Dr Jeni. At the end of your appointment, you will receive a 7 to 30 day written health plan from Dr Jeni based on the results of your DNA Test and your major health goals.

This break through genetic testing helps to identify Root Cause issues so that Dr Jeni can help find solutions for you that are based on YOUR unique DNA.

The DNA test is not designed to diagnose, but rather to identify underlying issues in your health.

The DNA test looks at thousands of different genetic markers that relate to your unique metabolism, nutrient intake, aging process, response to physical exercise, etc.

From there Dr Jeni uses the results to:

  • Identify the key nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you’re likely missing out on.
  • Match your genotype to the best lifestyle habits for your wellness.
  • Create your customized wellness protocol
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Here is how it works for you:
Step One: Order your Test and Reading Appointment by clicking BUY NOW
Step Two: The Test is delivered to your home address within about 7-10 business days
Step Three: You send the test to the lab for analysis
Step Four: We have your reading appointment within 6-8 weeks of your order.
The results will be EYE OPENING and REFRESHING.
Learn more about our DNA Test Company HERE: https://selfdecode.com/en/learn/#difference


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Refund Policy for THIS PACKAGE ONLY: There are no refunds available for this package due to the standards of the lab processing the tests.

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