Nutrition Educator, Thyroid Expert, Naturopath ​



Knowledge is a powerful tool. When it comes to your health, and the health of your family, knowledge is your most valuable asset. As a board certified natural medicine doctor, I focus on holistic nutritional education as a means to empower whole communities, families, and people with thyroid disorders to take back their lives after suffering in illness!


I operate a virtual teleconferencing practice, seeing clients remotely from anywhere in the world. You will be given the same in depth level of care, expertise and compassion as if meeting in person. I utilize a targeted approach of Holistic Nutrition, herbal medicine, reflexology, homeopathy and orthomolecular nutrition; which allows my clients to experience remission of their thyroid and leaky gut symptoms in months or even weeks. After seeing the incredible results that nutrition has to offer those with thyroid disorders, I was determined to continue on this path, helping people overcome their symptoms with Holistic Nutrition and get their life back.

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All disease begins in the gut


Magnificent Magnesium

Magnesium is required in thousands of regulatory body processes, and plays countless roles in every body system, yet 80% of the adult population is deficient

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Nutrition Educator, Thyroid Expert, Naturopath ​



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