The Mindset Document You Don’t Want to Read

The first thing we must be willing to change when we want to reverse our symptoms naturally is our mindset.

We have been so “programmed” to have a certain thinking about food.  For instance, the government has made every attempt to teach us that to live a healthy life we need to follow the “Food Pyramid”.

  • They have made something called “Candy” for kids to “enjoy”.
  • They have allowed ingredients into the things that we buy at the grocery store that literally are killing us.
  • They have added colors to our food to make them attractive to our eyes and desirable to our subconscious.

I want to pose the following questions, then I want to offer a solution.

  • Why are Americans still getting sick?
  • Why do so many women between the ages of 22 and 32 have massive thyroid issues?
  • Why will 1 in 2 women in the US develop cancer in their lifetime?
  • Why will 1 in 3 men in the US develop cancer in their lifetime?
  • Why does the “solution” to our health issues often involve surgery to remove parts of our bodies?
  • Why are young girls at age 7 and 8 growing breasts and experiencing their first period?

The answer is our mindset about food.

  • We have been shown that it is “weird” to eat healthy.
  • We have been told to see the produce section as boring.
  • We have been informed that to be pretty we need to put dangerous toxins on our bodies.
  • We have been taught that a microwave is a healthy way to cook food.
  • We have been taught to look the other way when eating massive chicken thighs.

We’ve been duped into believing an absolutely false mindset about food from literally age one. 

It is sad.

So many generations have come and gone and have passed down the mindset that healing or health involves taking a pill.

May I propose the most simple solution to this issue?

In order to change your mindset, you must be willing to change your information.

When I was diagnosed with cancer and decided to reverse it naturally, I began to see things like packaged pancake mixes as though they were a box of tumors.  I  began to see cans of pop as though they were infectious diseases.  I began to see most hair products as though I was putting gasoline on my head hoping it wouldn’t ignite. 

The biggest shift in thinking was when Instead of “eating” my food, I learned to “take” my food.  In other words, I learned to see my food as medicine.

How did this mindset change happen?  Very simple.  I changed my information.

  • I took 100% responsibility for all of the information about food that anyone wanted to give me. 
  • I began asking better questions. 
  • I turned my house into a University of Wellness and subscribed to the mission to save my own life.

It was after immersing myself in the right information about health that I decided that I could in fact live and that all I needed to change was what I was putting into my body. 

My mindset shifted because I changed my information.

Let me ask you.  Are you willing to change your information — to change your mindset — to change your habits — to change your results?

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